Principle of Multimedia Journalism

Betweeen fall 2013 and spring 2015 I've been visiting scholar and research at the UC Berkeley School of Journalism. During this time I had the chances to meet Richard Koci Hernandez and Jeremy Rue and help them out with this book. I've helped with developing a catalogation system for digital news packages, with some interview and especially in managing the project. It has been a great experience and their book, first tackling this subject, is a great tool for any newsroom and journalist.

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Here is a map of all the rallies that happend over the United States the 13th and 14 of December to protest against police's violence. Done with MapStoryJS. This was meant to be published along this article on "Il Post Internazionale", then they decided not to.

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Ten Years on Mars


In 2014 have been ten years since Opportunity, the NASA Mars Rover, landed on the Red Planet. Here is an insight of the mission and of what happened during this decade of exploration.

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